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Unicorns? am Brillantengrund?

It started when one of us discovered riding on two wheels with one gear, einhorn, and Ride Unicorn was born. At first amatuer racing, eventually it settled into a group of us captivated by the nuance, speed, and supplesse offered of the bike.

We were bound together through happenstance meetings at the unofficial Viennese capitol Hotel am Brillantengrund, where international travelers, artists, and culturally-minded business folk pollenate late night conversations with fantasy and philosophy. It was only a matter of time before our occasional project for self expression grew to ask bigger questions… what is riding really for?

There is more than minimalism. Early days of tenacity chasing and racing each other through the woods channeled design into commentary about the sport itself. Such a beautfiul activity — yet exclusive, inaccessible, and saying little about the magic of riding. Let alone the empty design of logos for advertising's sake, or new styles just for the sales.

Then the family bloomed. At first friends from afar noticed the story unfolding through the gear, intriguided by what was happening behind the scenes to inspire our perspective. Then it was the support those who knew more about the art of riding, the industry, and what we might accomplish if we tried. Then came the validation of Unicorns from around the world recognizing we are up to something, graciously sharing their appreciation and encouraging us to lean into the fantasy and philosophy.

Now we exist to support them and any like-minded rider with our approach to cycling, offering a year-round alternative to the waste of fast fashion while promoting the emotional growth, individuality, and happiness that came into our lives on two wheels. Somehow this has all come together through the discovery and Worldwide Connection™ of magic machines that amplify our strength, spirit, and appetite to be a part of something greater.


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