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Team Jumbo-Visma philosophy leads to innovative new material partners in 2023

Starting January 1, Team Jumbo Visma has selected Nimbl as its shoe partner. This brand's footwear performs exceptionally in stiffness (power transfer in combination with lightweight (pedaling efficiency) and aerodynamics. The shoes are created in Italy and are some of the lightest available.

Nimbl is Italian shoe maker in cycling, they are represented by one of the most famous world class road cycling team named 'Jumbo-Visma' in 2023. The lightest & fastest shoe ever in the market at the moment, the shoes delivered racers to the top of the podium last few years since the Italian brand was created.

Italian's one of prides possibly 100% for sure, regarding hand made.

Nimbl is also 100% hand crafted in Italian factory

However, the producing lead time is quite long for retailers.

사이클링 레이스 월드투어에서 님블이 2023년 부터 스폰서 계약을 체결한 Jumbo - Visma 팀과 함께 한다는 소식 입니다

국내에서는 서울 양재동에 위치한 에서 구매가 가능합니다 경태네 자전거 그리고 프리미엄 브랜드를 취급하게 될 세일즈 채널 "오프바이크"


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